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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Publishing Blog to Blogger from Word 2010

Having tried Microsoft Office Word 2007 to publish blogs directly to Blogger, see Blog, but having issues with the images being published, after some investigation it is alleged that Word 2010 will publish images OK. Office 2010 is currently only available in Beta format, but I decided it was time I gave it a go anyway to see what else is new, in preparation for users wanting to try it.
Following installation, and activation (Office 2010 uses the MAK and KMS activation format) getting around the new office is easy enough. The publish as blog is in a slightly different location as per the following image

As it was an upgrade that I installed, all settings were already configured for my Blogger account. That said the image upload settings are exactly the same as they were in office 2007 and therefore I had the same issue that the image for this Blog was not uploaded?
Let's hope that this is due to this being a BETA and that Microsoft will amend this for the full release.


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