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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Using Windows Live Writer with Blogger

Following on from my recent posts about publishing blogs to Blogger with Word 2007 and word 2010 and the associated issues with uploading images i have given Windows Live Writer a try.
As i am sure you are aware this is a free utility available with the Windows Live family. Once downloaded and installed its easily enough to configure to use with Blogger. When you first open it, it asks for connection information to your existing blog site like so

select “Other Blog Service” and click next. You are then asked for your blog account settings

Add your blog address e.g. and your Blogger username and password, click next and Live Writer will connect and download your required settings.
Once set up its nice and easy to use, you can edit existing blogs, create new ones, see a preview and the source if required.
As to uploading images, nothing could be more simple. Just create your blog, and any images that you require, and when you hit “Publish” it all gets uploaded to Blogger. Images and formatting are all uploaded as you set them when you create the Blog.
In addition, you can also set your categories, and a list is presented of all existing ones used that you can select from, or if required add more.
out of the 3 tested, this is by far the easiest one to use, allowing local saves of your blog as you create it before publishing.
Only one issue that i have experienced is that when using at work, from behind firewalls, using proxies, it will not connect, even with the proxy settings configured. I presume that this is due to the fact that we blog Windows Live for the communicator, and therefore all Live traffic is being blocked.


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