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Thursday, 26 November 2009

Help combat Autorun Viruses

There are Several Viruses that use Autorun.inf files on removal drives that launch a virus file stored in the Recycle bin to infect PCs. They also copy the virus to the c:\windows\ and c:\windows\system32\ folders.

Here is a list of just some of the viruses using this method as identified by Symantec.
  • W32.IRCBot
  • W32.Netsky.gen@mm
  • W32Downadup.B
  • Hacktool.flooder
and variants of each.

 To protect against these use the following methods:
  • Disable System Restore and Recycler.
  • Block Autorun.inf in network drives using Windows Server 2008 File Filtering.
  • Autorun Via Group Policy if on a network.
  • Disable Autorun Registry Keys below:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



(Copy and paste the above in to notepad and save as a .reg file. Import in to the registry (Don't forget to backup before hand.)

This can be automated with a batch file using the regedit /s filename.reg command.

  • Disable Autorun via Application Control (Available in third party software such as Symantec Endpoing Security.)
  • Run Full Anti virus Scans Daily until the outbreak is contained. Then run a weekly scan.
  • Make sure Patch KB967715 is installed via Windows Updates on Windows XP to ensure Autorun is patched.
  • Set Anti virus software to Delete viruses upon detection. Autorun file is then rendered a useless text file.
NOTE: Always check that you have Anti Virus software installed, that it is fully functional and up to date. However beware of fake Anti Virus programs.

I recommend Avast Home Anti Virus or AVG. Both are free, automatically updated and very effective.



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