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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Cannot Open an Anonymous Level Security Token in IE

Recently I had an issue in Internet Explorer 8 on Windows 7 Enterprise 64 Bit, when logging into a web page. Every time I logged in with the correct credentials it would flash and NOT open the secure page. The credentials were correct and the same page opened correctly on another computer.

Upon investigation I found the following error. This was found in the bottom left hand corner of the status bar in Internet Explorer.

"Cannot open an Anonymous Level Security Token"

This turned out to be a DCOM issue and was fairly simple to fix using Component Services. This is located in Administrative Tools. It can be found on your start menu or in Control Panel. Alternatively you can type "dcomcnfg" into the RUN command.

With Administrative rights, open Component Services and expand "Component Services" and "Computers," then right-click on the "My Computer" icon.

Select Properties and then click the "Default Properties" tab.
Check the Default Authentication Level and change to "Connect" if it is set wrong (mine was set to None) and the Impersonation level to "Identify."
Click Apply and Click OK.

Reboot your Computer and try logging into the web page again.


Dell Computers said...

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janny said...

When I try a "" in my scripts, I get, IE 8 (8.0.7600.16385) under seven, the error 1347 Can not open a security token for a limited level . After much research both from the error message that the reference code (ref code: 1347), I can not understand the origin of this problem

janny said...

Thanks but the weird thing is that i just downloaded ie8 at my house and everything works just fine which leads me to think there must be a setting somewhere that can fix it but i have no idea where to start looking. if you ever hear of anything let me know.

Philip Lee said...

Thanks so much. This helped us diagnose an issue we were having on systems with IE 10 and an older website.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! my problem is Solved

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