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Monday, 12 September 2011

Save Sent Items in folder of a shared mailbox in Outlook 2007

We have a lot of users that access multiple mailboxes from within their own exchange account in Outlook. Attached as "additional mailboxes".

Mail can be sent and received from these mailboxes as long as the user has send of behalf of permissions. This is set in Exchange.

However, when a user sends an email on behalf of the additional mailbox, the sent email goes into the sent items of the person who has the additional mailbox attached (their own mailbox). And NOT the sent items of the additional mailbox.

There is no visible option to change this and for most users is acceptable. For some, they need the sent items to be in the correct place, it took some Googling, but I found a fix in the form of a registry edit.

Note: I have only tested the following on Outlook 2007.

  • Close Outlook
  • Open Regedit - START - RUN - regedit
  • Navigate to:  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Outlook\Preferences\
  • Create a new DWord Value and call it "DelegateSentItemsStyle" (without quotes)
  • Give this entry a value of 1
  • Close Regedit
  • Reopen Outlook

Sent items for an additional mailbox should now save in their own sent items folders.

Further Information:
Outlook 2003:

Both of these require hot-fixes to be installed before this fix will work, and MUST be set to use Cached Exchange Mode:

Outlook 2007 Hotfix: 970944 
Outlook 2003 Hotfix: 953803  

Outlook 2010: Remove the mailboxes as additional mailboxes and configure them as additional Accounts instead.


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